Given the scenario of uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, IMM Esporte e Entretenimento and the ICT (Instituto Carioca de Tênis) have decided not to host the 8th edition of the Rio Open in February 2021. At the moment, the tournament organization is in contact with the ATP to verify the possibility of a new date for the event in 2021. If that is not possible, the event returns in 2022.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, IMM has also taken the decision to suspend all events with public attendance, as was the case of the in person edition of São Paulo Fashion Week and the food festival Taste. The company’s governance rules and internal policies favor the mitigation of risks that may threaten the integrity of the public, and our sponsors and partners brands. It was set that that IMM would only hold events again when it was possible to establish protocols that would ensure the safety of employees, suppliers and the people who entrust us with their leisure time. As it is not yet possible to carry out these measures, there was no other measure than to announce that the Rio Open’s 8the editor won’t take place in February.

“I would love to be announcing the players for 2021, as we do every year around this time. But we had to make this decision to preserve the health of the staff, the public and the players. We are talking with the ATP to obtain authorization for a new date. We depend on adjustments to the calendar so we can host the event in 2021”, said Luiz Carvalho, Tournament Director.

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