RIO OPEN GREEN – Sustainability

Rio Open becomes a carbon neutral event certified by the UN

The biggest tennis tournament in South America and the only ATP in Brazil has become a carbon neutral event. In partnership with ENGIE, the biggest private energy company in the country, more than 400 tons of CO2 generated by the event in 2020 were compensated with carbon credits. The initiative is part of our sustainability platform, Rio Open Green, certified by the United Nations. The carbon credits were conceded to the Jirau Power Plant.

Management for the year 2020 included three stages: reduction, recycling and reuse.

• Drinking stations
• Reusable water bottles
• 100% eco-friendly bags
• Reusable cups

• Waste management planning and coordination.
• Recycling pick-up team at the venue.
• Training offered to the scenic design, F&B/Food Court and cleaning teams.
• Specific bins for organic waste and cooking oil.
• Regular operating supervision.
• Proper temporary storage.
• Recyclable waste sent to a licensed cooperative of waste pickers.
• Organic waste sent to composting.
• Cooking oil sent to recycling.
• Non-recyclable waste for landfill with methane reuse.
• Recyclable restroom paper and supplies.

• Tarpaulins.
• PET bottle caps exchanged for wheelchairs.
• Campaign with the Rio Open audience to collect rackets to be donated to charity projects.
• Donation of balls, rackets and uniform surpluses to charity projects.
• Use of racket strings to make bracelets.